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Expanding the User Experience with Web Portal Software

Communication lies at the core of every publishing company; at Pressmart Media we transcend communication by providing the user with an experience of endless accessibility. Our multi-faceted web portal allows users to not only access published content, but also to directly engage with it, marking a monumental shift in how we view news and digital publishing.

Our cutting-edge Web Portal Software design lets users behind-the-scenes. Instead of feeling like mere recipients of content, they are able to play an active role by responding to features as well as other users, creating even more conversation and communication.

Moreover, with these tools at your business' fingertips, you will also be able to join in the conversation. Industry-grade management tools and data analytics allow publishers and content-providers to respond rapidly to consumer need and interest, and even to predict future trends and hot-button topics. Integrated interfaces and the ability to sync with social networking bases further improve both the business and user experience.

Streaming content on each and every one of your customers' many devices is yet another way that Pressmart's portal bypasses the traditional boundaries and constraints that other publishing companies face these days. Compatibility and functionality go hand-in-hand no matter how or when your content is being accessed.

Our strategies may seem extravagant, but they are simply innovative. Contrary to what you may expect, your time and development costs won't go up; in fact, they'll decrease, due to our highly efficient management model and modernized system services. Customize your users' experience today by contacting us at Pressmart Digital Publishing Solutions. We promise the communication won't stop there.

If you web portal software falls short of your platform publishing plan and you find it hard to keep up with the necessary IT skills and the time needed for a successful portal, then pressmart media ltd, may be your solution. The online portal software offered by pressmart media allows you to publish to all digital mediums, whether they are social media sites, web pages, electronic devices or ebooks. This feature increase your exposure to prospective customers through their mobile devices increasing sales. The software features advanced publishing without added cost of fees. The provided templates also allows you customization of pages that fit your publishing needs without the having to worry about IT expertise.

Digitizing Information Expanding Your Audience

Electronic media fall among the fastest growing information sources in the 21st century. Today, we all agree that researching information in real books always seems outdated and time-consuming. Owing to this, most researchers and readers have opted to use online materials as with only a press of a button you have all the information and data you need. For this reason, authors and writers should quickly adapt to the use of digital publishing for their information so as to remain relevant and accessible.

Choosing an experienced and qualified firm for your data digitization is sagacious. Founded in 2006, Pressmart Media Ltd is a global digital publishing company that offers all online publishing and digitization services. Our services include digitization of materials such as newspapers, journals, books brochures, other reading materials.

Why should you pick Pressmart Media Ltd for your document digitization?

Distribution services

At Pressmart Media Ltd we have experience and are familiar with all digital distribution channels. Therefore, by opting for our services, your documents gain exposure to new channels such as mobile phone app, E-reader, web, podcast, and email subscription.

Cheaper but with wider audience

For schools, reading institutions, and organizations the cost of publishing reading materials in traditional method is an expensive exercise to meet the demand. Pressmart Media Ltd helps you with the digital printing of modules, tests, and brochures increasing flexibility and accessibility to myriad students and staff.

More buyers and a high rate of return

As an author, using Pressmart Media Ltd services drastically reduces your printing costs. With our broad global audience, you are likely to receive more buyers. Digital documents allow you to customize and generate ads which will ultimately contribute to increased profit.

Know your reader's preference

Electronic records allow you as an author to fully understand your user's preference e.g. by evaluating their responses and interacting with them through social media, you effortlessly perfect and improve on the flaws identified. For more information, contact us.

Readers want to move between devices, from e-reader to phone to tablet, without having to install any additional software. Lowering reader pain points and making content available seamlessly across devices increases engagement and decreases frustration. This is accomplished through a responsive user interface, one that responds to the devices screen size and orientation and then automatically adjusts and optimizes the image for the display.


Five Benefits of Digital Magazine Publishing

Digital magazine publishing comes with many benefits. Find out how a digital magazine can help your business reach new customers.

The Benefits

1. Reach international customers

Online publications have the potential to reach people across the globe. You can reach customers you would never have known about. As the popularity of your publication increases, so does your reach.

2. Link to your own products and resources

An online magazine puts your company front and center. You can link directly to your homepage, or link to specific products. Instead of paying someone else to advertise your business, you can do it in your online magazine for free.

3. Make revenue through advertising

In addition to featuring your own products and services, you can also sell advertising space. Depending on the reach of your publication, this can result in some significant revenue. You may even sell enough ad space to pay for the costs of publication.

4. More content for your social media

Finding great shareable content for social media isn't easy. But online publications are easy to share. And because they also promote your business, you get more free advertising. It's a win-win situation.

5. Gain insight through your Google Analytics

An eMagazine that provides Analytics gives you insight into your audience. This can help you fine-tune your business' advertising campaigns, website copy, and more. You can learn what your readers like, what they don't like, and what products they want. With Analytics from your digital magazine, you can cater to your customers.

If you're interested in reaping the results of digital magazine publishing, contact us for more information.

For a digital-native, the ability to share content with friends is essential. An emagazine platform is most engaging when it provide hyperlinked, shareable articles and emails. In addition integration with social media channels is a necessity.

By providing content that is interactive, shareable and easily available across devices, your magazines content can satisfy a younger audiences expectations and could set the expectations of your most loyal readers ever higher. PDF's arrived to the digital scene over twenty years ago, acting as a bridge between the digital and print world. This innovation was a much needed one for non digital natives.

All the familiarity of print was delivered with clarity on a digital device. For digital natives this type of bridge isnt entirely necessary, which is why PDF's with interactive feature are a common expectation among readers.


3 Advantages To Digital Publishing in 2017

Whether it is a book, magazine or article, the internet has certainly revolutionized the way we choose to publish. In 2017, the popularity of digital publishing has only grown stronger and has opened the door to new opportunities. Essentially digital publishing has presented an array of benefits to business owners in terms of convenience, visibility, and reach. Here's why:


For starters, with the wide-range of space available digitally, documents are now stored safely online. This essentially means that less time is spent finding important material because everything can be organized, which will result in an increase in productivity. In addition to this, since material can be stored online, this means that it can also be accessed regardless of geographical location.


Most people use some form of mobile device to view and share information. In fact, according to Internet Live Stats, around 40% of the world's population has an internet connection. For this reason alone, it makes sense for businesses to switch to digital publishing. This is the best way to increase visibility and expand your market.


Digitally has offered an array of opportunities for businesses through partnership. In fact, creating rich, interactive content has opened the door for more monetary success through brand deals and sponsorship. This certainly was not an option with traditional publishing, but with the success of the internet, the ways in which we can create revenue have expanded tremendously.

The advancement of technology is inevitable, and digital publishing is only getting better in 2017. It's essential for businesses to take advantage of the many benefits that online publishing has to offer. as it is creating new opportunities and the space for growth. With that said, if you want to know more about getting started in digital publishing, contact us and we'll be happy to help.

Digital  audiences have high expectations. They anticipate flawless integration, rapidly loading multimedia and the opportunity to engage with content on any device. When trying to attract and maintain this audience, your platforms performance and its capabilities matter. Here are some platform elements that are essential for a digital native audience.  Platforms that deliver the clarity and familiarity of print with the interactive features of HTML keep younger readers engaged with hyperlinks, video, animation, podcasts and other interactive content.


Magazine Publishing: 3 Reasons Why Digital Publishing is Most Effective

As the internet continues to advance, more businesses are adapting their content for the digital world. In fact, the magazine industry continues to move away from traditional methods of publishing as digital offers far more benefits than ever imagined before. With that said, here are 3 reasons why it times to go digital with your magazine:

1. Deliver Content Across Multiple Platforms: One of the greatest aspects of the internet is that information is easily accessible and travels at a relatively fast rate. This is why digitally publishing your magazine is effective when it comes to delivering your content across multiple platforms. There are various social media sites where your content can be shared, resulting in a larger audience. Additionally, your content is more accessible because your viewers have the option to access your magazine through their computer, tablet, or mobile device. 


Every Business Needs A Digital Publishing Solution

Content, content, content. That is the buzzword among marketing professionals giving advice on how to strengthen a brand's online presence. Many heads in the business world are scratched as they mull over what this means regarding a company website connected to the most popular social media platforms and a blog. What else is there for a company to do to? Add an aspect of legitimacy to a brand with traditional content like press releases and news articles. That means a company needs a digital media solution that supports online publishing in the style of an e-magazine or newsletter.

Digital Publishing Features: For the most comprehensive digital publishing platform, there are important features that will create flexibility, accuracy, and, above all, security. If you are ready to brand your product or service as the premier expert in its field, this is what to look for in a digital publishing platform:

The Beauty of Online Portal Development

You want your brand to go big. Reach millions of people, expand your overarching message, and ultimately to be a brand you can be proud of! But how? What's going to allow you to get where you want your business to be and won't cost you much? The solution is pretty simple, actually. Here are some of the benefits of opting towards Online Portal Development!

Simplicity in itself

Some third party website coders can charge a hefty sum just for a few design tweaks to your website, but this isn't the case with online portal development. Unlike most other siteware, Online Portal Development offers a flexible user interface that's fully customizable so you can spend more time catering to your needs instead of wasting it on things you don't need. But the best part of all? There's no previous IT experience needed. You're in control from day one. That's what I call efficient simplicity.

Easy Marketing and Money