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How Web Portal Software Can Get You to the Next Level

We live in competitive times and this means you have to offer more than what the competition has to offer. Web portal software has the ability to help you in a number of different ways, reaching more people and creating more content for your target audience.

Increase Your Reach

You have the ability to increase your reach significantly when you use web portal. More people choose portals when they're on a mobile device, such as a tablet or smartphone. This means you're going to increase your reach specifically with mobile audiences.

If you already have a blog and other content, that's great for your desktop users. With the introduction of this software, you can tap into another portion of your target demographic.

Avoid IT Expertise

IT experts are costly and you likely have a limited budget. When you opt for portal software, you get to take advantage of customizable templates. Plus, the software makes it easy for you to manage everything on your own, so you don't need to hire a professional for setup or maintaining the portal.

A Boost in SEO 

You likely already know how important search engine optimization is. There are embedded marketing tools within web portal software, helping you to improve ROI. You will also be able to publish more blogs, gain access to RSS feeds, web analytics and more to help you. With a search engine-friendly ePortal, the sky is the limit.

You need to explore the user experience you provide your audience and how the tools you use will help you. Blogs, photo galleries, and more can be included in an ePortal, all helping you to get to the next level.

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By using a quality web portal for your bussiness, B2B portal job portal, B2C,  E-commerce portal,  Leisure and entertainment portal you can boost overall productivity of your organization and streamline redundant process that put off prospective client. Web portal requirements may differ per industry or sector, so there are a diverse range of portal development services out there.

Some example of specific web portal are as followed. Increase Your Reach, With an online newspaper, you are not limited to the readers who are within physical reach of your publication. Digitally your content allows you to increase your reach to global lengths and significantly increase your readership.

Your Magazine Publishing Solution Needs an Upgrade

If your online magazine is stuck in a clunky format that fails to offer the best user experience to your readers, has limited ad layout flexibility or doesn't work as it should on all mobile devices, there is no reason to delay a move to a modern software solution. Each day that you provide an inferior reader experience is a day that you lose loyalty, dilute your own brand and make your competitors look better to the advertisers in your sector. Magazine publishing must fulfill one basic promise to readers, advertisers and the editorial team assembling the issues: Digital should be easy.

At Pressmart, we know that magazine publishers are constantly searching for more reliable and refined options. We speak daily with people who are struggling to find a solution that actually delivers the promises their first platform made to them. This ongoing detailed feedback has built our knowledge and bolstered our resolve to create a magazine publishing solution that shines when compared point by point with all the features in the marketplace. The upgrade you are waiting for will not come from your provider, deeply mired in legacy code. Your publishing evolution awaits with our sleek, reliable, responsive publishing product, e-Magazine.

How responsive is your magazine?

Cross-platform compatibility is the most important element in the publishing realm, for obvious reasons. Your readers follow on phones, tablets and desktops.  Some even use all three at different times of the day. Coding for each of these as they are introduced and updated is a losing strategy. Now, the publishing world, from niche magazines to major titles, is catching on that this work has to be done by specialists. Pressmart has a mission of following and adapting to the needs of devices, formats and solutions coming down the road through genuinely responsive coding.

What are your pain points?

Make up your checklist, and bring it to us. We can give you a head start by noting that we offer a true digital magazine experience with reader feedback forms, social media integration, seamless email subscriptions, ad space you control fully, easy functional hyperlinks for editorial and advertising use.  We also provide the tools you need to grow your business, including Google Analytics functionality and search engine optimization.

If you are ready to upgrade your magazine publishing experience, Pressmart is ready for you.

Get Started in Digital Publishing

Digital publishing is an endeavor where entrepreneurs have a chance to make a mark on society. If you are planning a digital magazine or news outlet, you know that publishing has lots of interconnected components to master. With more than ten years of experience in the digital news sector, we have extensive insights into launching online publications.

Here are our three essential tips for building a digital publishing to thrive.

1. Plan for multiple revenue streams

Content is king, but a digital publication must be a business at its core. Select a publishing platform to meet both your business needs and your content needs. Even if you plan on being fully ad-supported, you will want your enterprise to retain the ability to shift from a free subscription to a paid service if conditions change. Multiple revenue streams are the secret sauce of successful digital publications. The technology you choose should provide a user experience your readers will enjoy and comprehend now and after any future business pivots.

2. Create a responsive experience so every reader can use every device

Responsive design is the discipline that allows published content to be coded so that it just works on desktops, phones, tablets and whatever device comes next. Select a platform that automatically detects the device used for reading and scale the content and ads to fit the screen size. Investigate the flexibility of prospective digital publishing platform providers' designs. The right responsive choice will maximize your own future business agility as devices evolve and change.

3. Build community around your content

At first, you may see social media connections as a method for publicizing your publication. Don't neglect this powerful marketing aspect, but remember that connecting a community of interest will make your publication more valuable in the long run. Promote, respond and connect with respect for your readers.

These priorities provide a guideline for the selection of a publishing platform.  They also serve as reminders for ongoing strategy tune-ups for your business. Stay flexible with your revenue streams and on assorted devices while nurturing a community that cares about your content, and you'll be on your way.

As you plan your digital publishing initiative, turn to Pressmart Media for the intelligent platform and the deep publication experience you're looking for. We can help. To find the approaches that will work for your new publication, get in touch with us.

3 Reasons Why Digital Publishing is Great for Marketing

Digital publishing has grown tremendously over the years and in turn, has become an effective marketing strategy for businesses. With information being viewed and shared through the internet everyday, digital publishing is continuously being embedded in many business models across industries. Business owners are now paying more attention to the content they post online, recognizing the opportunities that await from digital-centered content. With that said, here are 3 benefits to businesses going digital for marketing:

1. Visibility leads to Sales: Often times, it's not that your business concept isn't great, but that you lack visibility. Business owners who don't have an online presence find themselves seeing little to no results in their business because they aren't marketing their services where the people are. Digitally publishing your content improves your visibility and offers you the opportunity to market yourself to potential customers, which can increase sales.

2. Customer Engagement: Digital publishing allows you to engage with your customer's on a more personal level. For instance, if your business runs a blog, individuals can leave comments asking questions or providing feedback. Having a platform to engage with your customers strengthens your relationship with them and opens the line of communication, which will essentially help you retain current customers and appeal to new ones.

3. Reach a Larger Audience: The goal of marketing is to acquire new customers and maintain relationships with them, and digital content is the best way to achieve this. Digitally publishing your content allows you to reach individuals on a global scale thanks to content being easily viewed and shared online.

Businesses looking to grow and improve should establish their online presence by digitally publishing their content. Digital publishing is a cost-effective marketing strategy that every business owner should implement. If you have any additional questions on how digital version can be benefit you, contact us and we'll be happy to help.

Why You Should Invest in Web Portal Software

Time and money. These are perhaps the two greatest concerns of any business. But what is the best way to maximize these in the online publishing industry? As a news publishing website, these are vital factors for ensuring growth and success and are important reasons for you to consider investing in web portal software. Pressmart can help you with both of these things with our innovative technology for online publishing. Let's take a look.

Easy Setup and Maintenance 

One way that Pressmart saves you time is with web portal software that is easy to setup and maintain. We know you don't have time to mess around with your software and figure out how everything works. We provide you with user-friendly tools to get things up and running in as little time as possible so that you can focus on what really matters: bringing in new visitors.

Increase Traffic

Our web portal software helps you increase your profits with helpful tools for bringing in traffic. Our software helps you increase your visibility in search engines and utilizes customer comments by integrating them into your stories and providing you with long tail keyword content. Implementing our web portal software is a surefire way to increase your traffic and ultimately grow your business.

Utilizing strong web portal software is vital for maximizing your publishing company's time and money. If you would like to know more about how Pressmart Media can do this for you, please contact us today. We look forward to helping your business thrive and grow!

Keeping this in mind, Pressmart stands out from other web portal development competitors. Our special expertise and skills come from a long history of portal development according to business needs. There is an inherent need within any company for portals to attain its business goals while development is in process. Developers at our company possess a long history of develop projects and are constantly learning new web technologies and APIs that inspire top tier portals.

Boost Your Bottom Line - How an Online Newspaper Maker Can Open Doors For Your Publishing House

Are you thinking of transitioning your print newspaper to a digitized newspaper? You're on the right track if you are interested in increasing your profitability (among a host of other benefits). Digitalization of your publication will benefit your bottom line by opening doors to new forms of monetization. This is in addition to saving money by reducing printing costs. Let's take a look behind those doors, so you can see how online newspaper maker can help take your publishing house to new levels of expansion.

Multiple Revenue Streams

Once you digitalize your newspaper, you'll have access to multiple revenue streams. You'll still have your paid subscription base, of course. But you'll also have three types of ad spaces - at the page level, article level and article genre level - to generate more money.

Money Saving Solution

Spending a lot of money on printing, shipping logistics and delivery will be a thing of the past. All three of those costs are gone, once you make the switch to online newspaper maker. You can also link to your other resources, products or services in your online newspaper, thereby eliminating advertising expense. Instead, you can do it in your own online publication, for free.

Increase Circulation

By using online newspaper maker, you'll be able to broaden your subscription base and increase your circulation by reaching international customers across the globe. No longer will you be stymied by shipping and delivery logistics. As you can see, transforming your print newspaper into a multi-faceted and versatile online publishing platform will take your publication to new levels that were previously not possible.

Contact us today to join the digital evolution.


What to Look for in Web Portal Software

Are you an online publishing company looking for web portal software to help your business thrive and grow? If so, you may be wondering what characteristics sets apart good software from the others. With this in mind, let's take a look at what to look for in web portal software.


The first thing you want to look for is that your web portal software is responsive. Having design elements that are responsive to the various viewports of your visitors will help to ensure that your customers experience the best in usability and content interaction.

Easy Maintenance

You are in the publishing industry, you are not an IT expert. That is why you need software that is easy to use and maintain. This helps you focus on the important matter related to growing your business.

Increased Traffic

Of course one of the most important things for an online publishing company is increased traffic. If your software is not effectively doing this for you, it is time to look elsewhere. Pressmart's portal software provides you with tools to help your website stand out in search engines, bringing in new customers and increasing profit for you.

If you are looking for portal that meets these standards for excellence, look no further than Pressmart Media. If you have any further questions regarding our web portal or about any of the other services we offer, please let us know today. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Currently websites are helping bussiness thrive in various markets all over the world. As such the buyer is seeking all available information regarding a particular vendor before they engage them. Without a website, suppliers wishing to reach prospective buyers, and expand their market share will face several challenges in this venture.

Therefore as a bussiness executive, you need to identify appropriate web portal development that can help you customize your site in line with the products or services you offer. Over and above that the portal should provide convenience to add or delete content from the website. Here are examples of portal software with such provisions, Also there is so much you can achieve from the 'how-to' forum that Jostle provides, which means that the possibilities are limitless.